Tanya's Beauty Studio

15 Fore Street, Torrington, EX38 8HQ

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Flutter Yourself into a new you

A treat for yor hands at Tanya's Beauty Studio

File and Polish £10.00

Manicure £15.00

French Manicure £17.00

Manicure and Pedicure £30.00

Gel Color by OPI

Color at the speed of light, it has a high gloss shine that lasts for weeks!! 

With its 100% gel formula, it wears like gel but looks and feels like nail polish.

Can be applied to Hands and Feet.


Gel Overlays

Using Bio Sculpture Gel

Gel Overlay £24.00

Soak off Gel £14.00

Soak off and Re Gel or a Manicure £28.00

A treat for your feet at Tanya's Beauty Studio

File and Polish £10.00

Pedicure £20.00

French Pedicure £24.00

Gel Overlay £24.00

(Strengthening non chip colour for natural nails)

Pedicure and Manicure £30.00


A revolutionary and unique toe nail treatment. 

It promises not to chip or smudge and requires no drying time with many designs to choose from.

Once you have been minxed you won't look back!

Minx Application £17.00

Minx Application and Pedicure £31.00

Callous Foot Peel

A Foot treatment using a skin softening patch to remove your callous skin.

With Polish £23.00

With out Polish £20.00